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Cell Phone Batteries

Today, mobile phones are in just about everybody's purse, pocket, briefcase, or backpack. That’s why we carry a huge range of smartphone and cell phone batteries so you can get your device powered properly when your battery is on its last legs or totally dead. Shop Batteries Plus Bulbs today, and get back to texting, making calls, and using your favorite apps right away.

Find a Replacement Cell Phone Battery

Smartphones with dead or dying batteries are no good for work or personal use. We offer a broad selection of cell phone battery replacement options for top phones from big-name brands, like Apple, HTC, LG, Samsung, and more. We can also help you install your new battery if you come into a Batteries Plus Bulbs location near you.

Smartphone Repair

Not sure if your battery is the problem? Visit our smartphone repair services before shelling out big bucks for a brand new smartphone that you didn't really need to buy. Contact us online, or come into a store location near you so our professional staff members can help you with your broken or cracked screen, damaged keypad, intermittent headphone jack, and a whole host of other common problems.

Recycle Your Old Cell Phone Battery

Shop for a new, ready-to-go cell phone battery and we'll recycle your old, damaged one for no charge. Our recycling program ensures old batteries don't end up in landfills and provides a more eco-conscious business operation.

Got a bunch of batteries you need to get rid of? We’ll even take old batteries you've been meaning to recycle for years! Batteries Plus Bulbs recycles old cell phone batteries for consumers and business users. Check out our recycling programs to learn more.

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Cell Phone Battery

Getting a replacement battery is quick and easy at Batteries Plus Bulbs. Once your new battery is installed, use the following tips to keep it working properly:

  • Use the right charger. If you don't have the charger that came with your phone, or it no longer works properly, we can help you find the right charger to use with your phone. Using the wrong charger can damage your phone or battery.
  • Don't let your phone charge for more than 24 hours. It's tempting to plug your phone in to charge whenever you're not using it, but overcharging can put stress on your battery, shortening its overall lifespan.
  • Keep your phone and battery in a dry environment at or below room temperature. Exposure to sunlight, humidity or high temperatures can damage your battery, limiting its lifespan and reducing performance.

Your smartphone is a huge part of your day to day life. Don't let a dead battery or an old battery that won't hold a charge get you down. Shop our cell battery selection here, or visit a Batteries Plus Bulbs store location near you today.