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Batteries power many of the things you use every day. Shop Batteries Plus Bulbs to find rechargeable and disposable alkaline batteries for electronics, specialty batteries for cell phones and tablets, car and boat batteries, and many more batteries for home and commercial use. Ensure you're never without power when you need it most with reliable batteries for your backup uninterrupted power supply, or UPS.

If it's a battery you need for your home or business, you'll find it by browsing our huge battery store by category.

Alkaline Batteries

Power your household devices and battery-operated appliances with our vast selection of alkaline batteries. Find traditional sizes, like AA, AAA, D, and 9-v, as well as unique, harder-to-find options, including AAAA, 6-volt lantern-style batteries, and 28A batteries.

Our alkaline batteries have a shelf life of about two years, retaining about 90% of their power even when they're not in use. Buy extras of the battery types and sizes you use most often so you’ve always got a stash on-hand at home and a stockpile for commercial use, too!

Cell Phone, Laptop, and Portable Electronics Batteries

Keep your cell phone, laptop, and portable electronics powered up with our great selection of chargers. Shop our assortment of essential replacement lithium batteries designed for top brands, like Apple, HTC, Samsung, Acer, Dell, and Lenovo.

Search by model number, or choose the brand of cell phone or laptop you have to find the right replacement battery. Check out our device and cell phone repair services to learn more about how We Fix It, our in-store service, can help with a difficult-to-replace smartphone, laptop, or tablet battery.

Car, Boat, and RV Batteries

Maybe you work on cars for a living, or maybe you've just got a dead car or truck that won't start because of an old, worn out battery. Use our car and truck battery finder to quickly search by brand and model to get the battery you need without the hassle of visiting an auto parts store. We also offer motorcycle batteries for big-name bikes by BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Indian, and Triumph.

Take to the open sea, or cruise the lake with durable boat and jet ski batteries. Find lead-acid batteries in deep cycle, dual purpose, and starting varieties for work and play. Enjoy your time on land with batteries for recreational vehicles, like ATVs, golf carts, and workhorse machines, like lawn tractors and mowers, for residential and commercial use.

Emergency Lighting and Security Batteries

Keep your home and business ready for the unexpected with quality emergency lighting and security batteries from Batteries Plus Bulbs. Shop our selection of brand-specific emergency lighting batteries made for fixtures from ADT, Honeywell, Yorkville, and more, and browse security batteries for alarm control systems by ADT, General Electric, and Emergi-Lite.

Need more protection at home or at work? Shop Batteries Plus Bulbs to find batteries for an uninterruptible power supply that keeps your home powered even when the grid goes down. UPS backup batteries can also help safeguard essential electronics, like computers, from damage and data loss at home and in the workplace. Make sure you've got batteries that will keep your UPS system operational around the clock.

Whether you're a contractor needing to stock up on commercial battery supplies or a homeowner with residential battery needs, find the batteries you want from one of the largest online and in-person battery stores anywhere. Shop online at Batteries Plus Bulbs today to have your battery shipped right to your door, or place your order for fast, in-store pickup as soon as the same business day.

While you’re here, browse our selection of chargers, including phone chargers, car chargers, SLA battery chargers and more. You’ll also find lighting solutions including bulbs for virtually any application, accessories for your phone, emergency lighting, flashlights and booster cables and other accessories. You can also take advantage of certified phone repair, including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy screen repair, as well as key fob programming and replacement, tablet & laptop repair, watch battery installation and much more.